January was a busy month. Not, sadly, busy with photos. As predicted, my iphone 4s replaced my Canon 5D for much of our quick trip to Europe and the UK. It was brand new, and kind of irresistible. I blame instagram, and instant gratification.

February was much of the same. Busy, and happily monopolized by two big projects. One of those I can’t mention JUST yet [but will have word on soon] + the other being Lightness Management. Today Abbey & I celebrate as Drew Grow + the Pastors Wives head out to start a tour supporting the Head and the Heart, and also shout from the rooftops that Damien Jurado has made his Billboard top 200 debut with Maraqopa at #132. We are over the moon.

There will be more photos, and more good news, but until then, the iphone shots of Damien’s press tour. London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin. It was beautiful.


Because they tell the stories better than I do, playlists via spotify: January + February.