On a whim I chose to process a photo in black & white a few days ago, and Damien looked at it in awe. “You should shoot in black & white only, always!” I’m hesitant, since I’m most drawn to COLOR while shooting, and all of these were shot with that in mind. Regardless, I love having the husband’s input, and in his honor our documentation of Finland, below, is all kinds of grey.

The shows in Finland were exceptional, and we left the country with new dear friends. Plans to return are already working in our brains; we were both shocked + thrilled at how warm our welcome was for Damien’s first ever shows in that country. It was a whirlwind of travel & we slept no more than 4 hours a night for the duration of our time there. If there’s a sleepy look in our eye or an overabundance of train station photos, you’ll know why.


PS – color versions will be posted soon on tumblr soon, because I just can’t resist.