When summer was still in full swing, my dear Whitney took me to lunch. As we sipped lavender lemonade + snacked on seared scallops, she presented an idea to me. A far away fall evening to be the first of a series, with a dinner party featuring Seattle’s up and coming culinary talent. She wondered if Damien and I would join in curating the music, along with Joey Veltkamp selecting the art.

Of course you say yes to such a project! I would say yes just to be in attendance, let alone to participate in the process of creating it. Damien and I would discuss our favorite bands as we drove around on tour; Seattle has such a deep well of talent, who do we see as poised to take over? Who is our New Guard of talent? It was fun just to dream up; even more to bring to fruition.

That’s how we found ourselves in the backyard of Kate Perry’s beautiful home, the art of Troy Gua on the walls + Final Spins setting up sans PA for a stripped down set. In the kitchen was Joel Cox, cooking dinner for 40 in a non-commercial kitchen – and doing it beautifully at that. Even prior to a wonderful Daily Candy feature, our inaugural baby was sold out. Much love to everyone who attended + supported, and to Whitney for dreaming big and knocking it out of the park.

To join us for a future series, sign up at hopegrocery[dot]com.