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Memory Matches

Memory Matches

Congrats to Jay, Stuart, and Jordan on The Sea Navy's release of Memory Matches. When Jay asked me to take some promo photos for them, I was thrilled. I've been a Sea Navy fan for years [I have a signed copy of 'Oh These Troubled Times']. To further sweeten the deal, Jay is a photographer as well as a musician. I could make a good argument that he knows more abo[...]

U! S! E!

U!  S!  E!

SPINDOTCOM seems to have the same glowing feelings about the band as I do. [Though "In Love With United State of Electronica" is no short list.] Earlier this year I got together with the band to take new photos in preparation for the release of LOVEWORLD. A few lovely moments that didn't make the cut... For full U.S.E. goodness visit usemusic.com.