It is totally surreal to think that this sweet lady is heading to COLLEGE in a handful of days. She’s the first person I could ever taunt by saying, “I was there when you were BORN.” But Caitlin, 16.5 years old, has outsmarted the public schools + is packing her bags for the pursuit of higher education.


I used to tease Cait [well, by calling her Cait in the first place] but mostly by telling her that people with her IQ usually lack social skills. Caitlin proves any smart/nerd stereotypes to be totally untrue. These photos are proof of her beauty and style; plus she tried to hijack my Telekinesis cd, another example of her excellent taste.


I can’t say my little sister was always thrilled to have me around. I believe it was kindergarten when she was asked to draw a family a portrait – a portrait in which I’m not featured. Ha! Over the years I’ve convinced her that having a big sister ain’t such a bad deal, mainly through bribery.


I can’t really imagine what it will be like to have my little sister living thousands of miles away. I’m so excited for her, though a little apprehensive – earlier this week I learned that she’s never done her own laundry. Good thing she’s a certified genius! All teasing aside, I’m proud to share DNA with such an awesome human. Can’t hardly wait to see all the success in her future.