Last night Neumo’s hosted the final night of the Vera Project’s annual “A Drink For The Kids” fundraiser. The killer lineup of Grand Hallway, Throw Me The Statue, and Robin Pecknold was a perfect conclusion to the week’s celebrations.


Hoquiam had played earlier in the evening at VAIN Ballard’s art opening [more on that soon!] which meant we missed Grand Hallway. Luckily Tomo sent us home with copies of the new record; AND we made it before Throw Me The Statue finished their set.


I’m hardly alone in saying that the Fleet Foxes top my all time shortlist. There was a period of time in which I listened to J. Tillman + the Sun Giant EP to the exclusion of all other music. For months. But between their tour schedule and Damien’s, it’s not often that we get to see them anymore. A unique show like this – Robin playing solo, a beautiful piano, an eclectic setlist including covers prepared just for the evening – well, that made up for a lot of time lost.


Plus any time that Damien gets to spend with Josh is magic. I’ve never heard D laugh quite like he does when he’s talking to Tillman.


All that goodness, and supporting Vera? I love it.



During the last song [a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”] the beautiful Aja Pecknold joined Skye, Josh, and Robin onstage. Priceless.


After the show, we stayed up too late talking. It seems such a rare moment nowadays that we’re all in one spot at once. Well worth another night shorted on sleep.