Mondays were never a favorite of mine… but lately I kind of dig ‘em. They always bring a rush of email replies, new projects, and usually exciting news. Not every Monday, however, has a long long leisurely lunch at Le Pichet. And, even if they did, they probably wouldn’t always have a Demy in them. You’d be a lucky human to see her every day.

And so, to borrow a tune that is possibly all about heroin, I will say that I’m glad I spent the day with dear Rachel. A day of quiche, and earl grey, and sunshine, and the sweetest tales we knew. To anyone not currently thrilled with their Mondays, may I prescribe a stop by that sweet spot on First Avenue, to watch the picturesque staff arranging fresh tulips from the market, to perhaps put a touch too much butter on one’s baguette, to trade a story about how you fell in love.


Addt’l Monday glees: dirty chai, a new song written by my sweet husband, and a photo of me looking stupid and holding a book of my photos. Perfect day, indeed.