Damien and I unexpectedly skipped town Sunday evening. After a beautiful afternoon show on Sunday, we got word from Jenny J that we’d need to reschedule our Monday dinner + photo tutorial. Though less time with Jenny is never a good thing, we jumped at the chance to escape the city. We got in the car and just drove; I tried to spark an imaginative conversation about what our trip would hold + decided I wanted to find a Native American sweatlodge and a piece of cherry pie. Damien’s contributions were: a Sasquatch and a bag of money. Not a bad list, I suppose.

None of that was what the trip had in mind for us. That’s the thing about road trips; they’re always best if you just let them unfold before you with no expectations. What we found was quiet, and we found it in spades. We found fresh ocean air. We found generous exploitation of the lyric “Come As You Are.” We found ourselves lost on unmarked roads, cut off from cell phones + convenience stores. We found new hotels and our favorite co-op in Astoria. Though I can’t speak for Damien, what I found was a little less noise in my brain, a calm that I’d been missing the past few weeks.




I liked getting lost, but it’s good to be home. There is lots to do.