Congrats to Jay, Stuart, and Jordan on The Sea Navy’s release of Memory Matches.

When Jay asked me to take some promo photos for them, I was thrilled. I’ve been a Sea Navy fan for years [I have a signed copy of ‘Oh These Troubled Times’]. To further sweeten the deal, Jay is a photographer as well as a musician. I could make a good argument that he knows more about photos than I do! To have him + the band elect to work with me was a real honor.

Last week we got together to tell pirate jokes. Oh, and take photos. Since the whole wide world will be seeing their promo photos, I wanted to share two outtakes:



Wise parties should attend their record release show on August 21st at the Sunset with the High Strung + Battle Hymns. If your dance card is full that night, catch them on November 7th at Neumo’s with Say Hi + Dave Bazan. Those are some beautiful lineups.

In the meantime, enjoy their video for “talktalktalk” off of Memory Matches:

“talktalktalk” by THE SEA NAVY from theseanavy on Vimeo.