Today is my 31st birthday. Or, as my 18 year old sister likes to put it, ‘the start of my 4th decade.’ Auspicious!

I picked this important day to make an important announcement. You might notice one word missing from this site in the past week. The word? Photography. It’s not that I won’t continue to take photos; asking me to get rid of my camera would be like asking me to get rid of my right arm. There will still be select projects and commissions, but the focus has definitely shifted.

As of today, I’m launching Lightness Management. Both bands that I represent [Viva Voce + my husband Damien] are ones that I’ve been a fan of for so long. It makes it easy for me to put my heart & soul into working for them. Forming Lightness really acknowledges the time, dedication + skill I’ve put in there, and better represents who I am as the manager of these fine musicians. Though the decision may have been a long time coming, it still surprised me that I felt a huge weight lift once I made it. I suppose that’s a good sign, that I’m going the right direction.

In the winter of 2006, I wrote a 5 year plan. I didn’t put much stock in such lists at the time, but I was stuck. The gist of it was visualizing my day-to-day at work, five years in the future. I’d actually forgotten I’d made it until a Hoarders-inspired post Christmas cleaning fest, when I found the book it was based upon. Math wizards might pick up that we’re just a few months shy of that timeline, and here I am. Doing the work I dreamed of, but never really thought I could do. Lots of friends and family have supported me throughout this process [especially the fine folks at Secretly Canadian] but without Nadin Brendel, Rachel Demy, and Aja Pecknold, I wouldn’t’ve made it even a few steps.

I will still be taking pictures, and invite people to contact me with ideas for projects. I may, ultimately, take MORE photos as a result of this, as I feel it gives me more freedom. I told myself earlier this year that I wanted to expand my music portraiture, and immediately began working with some of my favorite artists. There have already been some big projects I’m eager to share in the coming months. Some of it represents a whole new direction for me; all of it is work that I’m proud of.

Here’s to my 31st year being full of all the epic good vibes that the first month of this year has contained.