We Jurados spent a reflective, creative end to the new year curled up at one of my favorite hotels in Portland. We’re gearing up for a big year in photos + music, and silence was the perfect way to begin it. Also, I am a sucker for a cozy robe.

One of the first projects of 2011 is creating a new home for print sales. After extensive requests for images from travels and tours, I’ve created a home at society6 for art prints, canvases, and more. Images from our tour with Shearwater and throughout Europe will be added all week.

Damien’s first show of the year is this Friday at the gorgeous Columbia City Theater. Hosted by our friends at Sound on the Sound, there are still a few tickets left right here. The next show won’t be until we prepare for SXSW and Damien’s tour with my dear Viva Voce in March. Until then, Damien will be a full time photo assistant. He also plans on watching every film in our Netflix queue. Like I said, big things this year.