It is 12:32 am on the first night home from Doe Bay; photos are batching and sleep is elusive. Retelling all of what took place there would be an impossible task, so I’ll just share where I was 24 hours ago on the dot.

In my experience [four days on Orcas + my first year of the festival] you don’t tell Doe Bay your plans; Doe Bay will let you know what you’re supposed to be doing. There is no cell service, there is no making firm plans, there is no telling who you’ll see on the way to the cafe or the beach or the shower. Last night I told Doe Bay I was going to bed. Doe Bay told me I was going to go shed some tears in the moonlight as Bryan John Appleby sang beside the bluffs. I sat with dear friends, arms intertwined, and witnessed one of the most delicate moments of the weekend.

I have known Bryan for many years now, and believe him to be one of the most honorable humans I have ever met. But in the past year, I have fallen more in love with his songs; in January, Damien declared him to be amongst the frontrunners for Seattle’s next breakthrough artist. His recently released “Fire on the Vine” is exceptional, painted in detail, earnest, and inspired. [Let Bryan show you his brilliance better than I can tell you, via our friends at Sound on the Sound.] The below image is mine, from my most recent New Guard dinner where I had the honor of bringing him to our celebration of the up and coming.


This man + his fine band are hitting the road for their first tour, with this beautiful vinyl in hand. Shows are listed on his site, and I hope the West Coast treats them ever so kindly. More dates coming soon, and more photos if Bryan slows down long enough for me to take ‘em.