I’ve known my dear Katie for almost ten years now. We’ve had many adventures together – eons ago we lived in the same apartment building, cute studios just two floors apart. We’ve gone through career changes, heartbreak, cross country moves, all the best + worst of the past decade. I cried tears of joy at her wedding, just as she did at mine. Her new and most amazing adventure, along with her beautiful husband Daniel, is their firstborn baby boy – Eli.


Little Eli joined us on February 27th. Prior to that, he was known only as Nugget – Katie + Daniel waited until he arrived to find out if it was an Eli or a… She-li. I’d hoped to fly out to Carolina as soon as the angel arrived, but timing dictated that I wait until this visit to Seattle to meet him.


Though Mom + Dad + I had planned today’s photo date ages ago, young Eli had other plans. He let us know he would rather be hanging out somewhere without a camera in his face, probably somewhere with AC. Smart baby!


Then again, with genes like his, he was bound to be a genius.


We’ve rescheduled, for Christmas, but I’m so glad we had some summer moments together. I’m so proud of Katie + Daniel, and so in love with their little boy. I love you, sweet Eli the Kid.