Last week City Arts magazine hosted a show at the Triple Door. With an usual format + a killer lineup, we were honored to have Damien be invited to join. Plus, the Triple Door? Never pass up a chance to spend time there. Never pass up their Triple Split with local gelato for that matter either.

Rather than a typical format, City Arts’ “Song Show” has artists perform 4-5 songs with a live interview in between. The results were touching, hilarious, personal, and beautiful. In addition to Damien, our friends Jesse Sykes + Tomo Nakamara performed, and new friend Macklemore. I wanted to share my images of Jesse backstage + Macklemore onstage, a complimentary vision of two diverse performers on a night that showed the wide range of talent in Seattle.


Thank you to Mark for a wonderful interview + a gorgeous evening, and to all the friends + family who came out. You were there for us, not for the creme brule… right?