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LP10: day one

LP10:  day one

Yesterday afternoon, Damien officially began his TENTH record. Naturally, in the time it took Shealynn and I to run out and get burgers, he and Swift recorded 5 immaculate tracks of guitar & vocals. Two hours later, 4 more. Their pace is inspiring, as is the end product. /// We began our trip down to the studio on Friday, with a stop in Tacoma to see Case S[...]

preview: notes from home

preview: notes from home

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending the latest show in the Notes from Home series, curated by Dylan Priest & Tyler Kalberg. Along with Laura Musselman, I was asked to document the evening in photos as they took video & Zach Varnell captured audio. The performers? Colin Reynolds, Damien Jurado, and John Vanderslice. It would be hard to overstate the [...]

fill up the juke

fill up the juke

Dolorean. My love for this band is undeniable, and I'm so happy that their latest album is meeting the world on TUESDAY. Yesterday we finally got 'The Unfazed' in our hands on vinyl, but I already know this album by heart. Their first tour dates with this record take them to Spain, France, Holland, and beyond. Here's the band live at KEXP, 90.3 FM. Come home s[...]

you're already home where you feel love

Thursday night at Conor Byrne we said goodbye to an era for Seattle's new sweethearts. I can remember the first time I heard them, clear as a bell. Damien fell hard right away too; said he'd love to take them on tour someday. Here's hoping there's time for that tour, someday. That last image is one of my top 5 moments of 2[...]

church of poetry + hip hop

I don't think I'm ready to say much about today's magic. It is the sort of event that takes a while to unpack; the vulnerability of what the artists were sharing, the sense of community, of history, of ritual, of beliefs. I can say that I am honored, floored, that the team that makes things like this happen wanted me there. I am in love with what I witnessed today.[...]