My sweetest AJ. Where to begin? The girl is fun-loving, brilliant, impeccably dressed, and shockingly attractive. When she moved home to Seattle with her [then boyfriend, now fiance] Ryan, I knew she’d found the perfect match. He’s all of the above – possibly even more fun to run around town with than AJ, too, which I didn’t think was humanly possible. But the best thing about Ryan is the way he looks at her, with absolute love in his eyes.

And how could he not? She’s clearly a fox, and one of those rare people who do – no, I mean literally, truly – light up a room. This summer we’ll celebrate their love at a sunny San Diego wedding. Until then we have cozy winter engagement photos – a rainy beach day, a grey ferry boat ride, a greenhouse full of poinsettias.


Thank you my dears for an afternoon of laughter + exploring Seattle. A special thank you for the croissant french toast at Monkey Tree on Vashon. Hot damn.