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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Last legs [part II]

The end of the trip came quickly, the last week in fast forward. I struggled with three kinds of kroner, and stopped sleeping well. I no longer had any tolerance for how the simplest things eluded me; I cried in a mini mart trying to get a coffee maker to work. So it is that...

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Last Legs [part I]

Ah, it’s been busy. Too busy for posts, and sadly too busy [and/or rainy] for many photos. Here are glimpses of Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. Two shows ’till home. Yours in exhaustion, Sarah [+ Damien]

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It Varies

It’s a strange narrative to tell; a drive from the sunny beaches of Brighton to the London fog. To land in Dublin, to have a day there. Then, abruptly, Madrid at night. From seas of strangers to the dearest of friends. To hear English in so many variations, then absolutely nothing but Spanish. The only...

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All November looks like Halloween

Too much to tell… but hopefully the grey landscape, trees, and stones speak for themselves. Sending love from a venue called Freebutt. It actually feels more like Seattle than any other place we’ve been. Tomorrow, Ireland!

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Rouen to Lille to Antwerp to London [via Cologne]

Hopefully the title gives a clue as to why these are offered without comment. We are having the best time one could possibly have. For the sake of narrative, photos were edited in Leeds + are being posted in Glasgow. Phew.

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Vanderslice // London

To say that John Vanderslice‘s music changed my life would not be an exaggeration. You can imagine my joy that Damien shared a bill with him last night in London, and again tonight in Leeds. John + Jason + Ian are taking the stage right now, so let’s make this quick.

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Returning to Paris; Nantes, Rouen.

That’s me, waking up in Utrecht, not wanting to leave… not even for Paris. The following photos chronicle our evening in Paris and our show in Nantes, then en route to Rouen. Our last night in France, Lille, coming later. Sending love to all from our current post in Antwerp; off to London in the...

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